You and I are family

We are, all of us, related. Related to all our fellow two-leggeds around this earth, and to the four-leggeds, and the ones that fly, swim, crawl and wiggle, the tall-standing ones, and all the plant nation. We are One Earth Family.

Dear friends, thank you for your interest and support. Please explore, with us, this idea of relatedness and about new ways to celebrate and elevate our sense of kinship with all things.

Celebration of the Elements

Coming Soon! Celebration of the Elements Grass Valley, 2016 is almost here.

Plan to arrive and set up camp Wednesday October 12th. During the next four days we will honor the Elements, Beginning Thursday with Fire, the Sun and the Light within. Friday is Earth and all its creatures. Saturday we honor Water and the Sacred Feminine. And we conclude on Sunday with Air as we disperse to the Four Directions.

Come! Join us! Click on the quill wheel to the right, above, for more information.

Great Spirit! Watch-over and guide us. Know our hearts and hear these prayers.